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Sat Jun 23 16:41:48 EDT 2001

Joel Lyons wrote

> According to a report by this agency Brazil
> lost enough rainforest in 2000 to cover almost
> the entire state of New Jersey.
> The agency, which uses satellite images to track
> deforestation, reported a 15 percent increase in
> forest destruction last year, the largest since
> 1995.  This comes after the Brazilian government
> announced last fall a $435 million initiative to
> protect the jungle, and as farmer's groups continue
> to lobby for relaxed restrictions.

Government and industry are one in the same thing. It is no coincidence
that a big increase in the destruction of part an earth "resource"
coincides with a  government outcry against such activity. Both of these
things - the destruction and the politician's outcry - always occur
together. Actually, that is not accurate. The outcry frequently occurs
first - to lull the naive public and trusting-of-government
environmentalists  to let their guard down while "business" continues as
usual.  $435 million is nothing compared to the billions and eventual
trillions generated from agricultural and industrial "use" of jungle
resources, then new cities, new businesses, new taxes etc etc.

The bottom line in by book is this. When government proclaims something
under control (the war on drugs), it is now beyond control.  When
government puts out a public warning (a product health risk - tobacco), it
has already occurred. When government says they are here to help us (health
care), it is only to help themselves to more of our money and control of
our lives -- in my book. Joel, we are help-less in this!



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