Joel Lyons jrlyons at bellsouth.net
Sat Jun 23 16:57:38 EDT 2001

Anyone had an opportunity observe butterflies in
the rain or around garden sprinklers or fountains?
I water the garden by sector and observed a
Gulf Frit fly right into an area being watered in
a steady rainlike pattern.  It roosted on a senna
tree leaf and spread its wings.  I shut off the
water and it flew away.  It was just waiting for
the "rain" to stop because it couldn't fly through?
It liked the rain??

Regarding fountains - there are eight placed
throughout a garden about 7000 square feet
(I live in the heart of New Orleans) and
strategically put so that there is some slight
spill onto stone paths.  This is for the
butterflies to ingest and it appeals to them.
Two of these fountains are three-tiered
narrowing to the top from where the water
cascades downward and is recycled.  The
water spouts from the top about four inches
into the air.  On two occassions I've seen
a monarch seem to fly right into the water
spout and linger in mid air for a few seconds.
Is it possible that this could be a short in
flight drink?

Thanks and we hope everyone is having a
pleasant weekend!

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