Unusual Butterfly Behavior

Ron Gatrelle gatrelle at tils-ttr.org
Sun Jun 24 20:00:15 EDT 2001

Mary Beth wrote

> I KNEW after I sent that post that SOMEONE would pose the question "was
> it dead?!"  I should know by now that abbreviated posts on this listserv
> are subject to all sorts of  dubious speculation...

As I said, it was a dumb question but now we all know for sure that it was
quite healthy and lively. So....

> No doubt the unnatural conditions of confinement promotes all sorts of
> perverse behavior in the unavoidable social encounters of so many diverse
> species (!)

So, no, let's not assume it is unnatural - not often seen? Yes. I hope you
see this again. Has anyone else observed such "odd" behaviors in butterfly
houses?  Perhaps others have not shared things they have seen as they just
thought it was something weird.  Butterfly houses would seem to provide a
good opportunity for observing things that occur with some regularity but
have been usually missed - especially by we collectors who often tend to
shoot first and ask questions later.


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