the doldrums

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Of course Alex's remarks were not "targeted" at the Brodkins. They were
targeted to an issue, a cultural practice, a tradition that often in many
instances is very lean on scientific substance.  I think Alex, like myself,
agrees with the rational approach and spirit of Hank and Priscilla. I also
think that Alex, like myself, sees Hank and Priscilla as the exception
rather than the rule.

In balance I must say that "this is how it works" with some and in some
quarters - and is how it should work. But here in the eastern US?  I have
seen a lot more "our way or the highway" than reason and a spirit of
cooperation. This "bad attitude" and elitism has come from someplace. To
me, my prejudice is that it came from the top down.

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> "Grkovich, Alex" wrote:
 > What do you do in September, or do the "counts" mysteriously end on
 > 31st? Personally, I'm sick of hearing about 2,500 European Skippers, 700
 > Little Wood Satyrs, 221 Juvenals Duskywings, etc. How do you have so
 > time to count? What about the taxonomy? Or is this something that has
 > dropped along the wayside and disappeared on the road to the
obliteration of
 > the study of Lepidoptera? Are we supposed to believe you can do all this
 > without any voucher specimens?
 > .

 Alex -

 Here's how it works.  You do what you can.  The more people you have
 helping you in your circle - the better.  As I stated - you can count
 any time you feel it to be "advantageous".  In Mexico they count in
 You need voucher specimens? Take voucher specimens!
 The idea is to do the count the same time every year - which may or may
 not show some long term population trends.
 People have been doing this for about 30 years - long before NABA  - and
 have been enjoying it.
 If you don't like the idea - don't participate.  No one is forcing you!


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