Mystery Micro Moth: ID, please

Andy Mabbett andy at
Tue Jun 26 17:15:46 EDT 2001

In article <993588050.23758.0.nnrp-07.c1ed46ae at>, Keith
Edkins <keith.edkins at> writes
>They vary. There is a much browner one from my collection at

Yes; quite a bit of variation, just to make life complicated...

>> How did you make your close up attachment, and
>> what objective lens did you use?
>An old 35mm film container, a craft knife, and some bluetack. And the lens,
>an achromatic one from some long-forgotten piece of optical equipment.

I might try that for the Fuji 4700, if I can find a suitable lens. Any
ideas where one can pick up such things?

>Let's put it this way - the P. aurata is feeding on a forget-me-not. Do you
>think you can get tripods the height of a forget-me-not? :-)

I have a Uniloc; three table- top tripods and two monopods which
collapse to about 20cm & 30cm respectively. ;-)
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