Mystery Micro Moth: ID, please

Keith Edkins keith.edkins at
Tue Jun 26 16:40:45 EDT 2001

Andy Mabbett <andy at> wrote in message
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> Thank you; a gentleman from the Natural History Museum in London, no
> less, directed me to your page with the same suggestion, though he
> thought more likely P. aurata. They seem to fit the bill, if a little
> more purple than I noticed.

They vary. There is a much browner one from my collection at

> I didi look on your site for a contact address, to write and
> congratulate you on it.

Remiss of me! I have added a link, from the home page (When in doubt try webmaster at ....)

> How did you make your close up attachment, and
> what objective lens did you use?

An old 35mm film container, a craft knife, and some bluetack. And the lens,
an achromatic one from some long-forgotten piece of optical equipment. I've
reinstated a picture of it, linked from the home page as above.

> Is your camera on a tripod for those pics, or hand-held?
> --

Let's put it this way - the P. aurata is feeding on a forget-me-not. Do you
think you can get tripods the height of a forget-me-not? :-)



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