Mystery Micro Moth: ID, please

Andy Mabbett andy at
Tue Jun 26 13:41:21 EDT 2001

In article <993576089.22795.0.nnrp-14.c1ed46ae at>, Keith
Edkins <keith.edkins at> writes
>Well it's readily apparent that it's out of focus,

I did warn you!

>looks like a Pyrausta purpuralis. Especially if it was flying in daylight.
>for photos of this and P. aurata with comments which helpful people have
>sent me on distinguishing them.

Thank you; a gentleman from the Natural History Museum in London, no
less, directed me to your page with the same suggestion, though he
thought more likely P. aurata. They seem to fit the bill, if a little
more purple than I noticed.

I didi look on your site for a contact address, to write and
congratulate you on it. How did you make your close up attachment, and
what objective lens did you use?

Is your camera on a tripod for those pics, or hand-held?
Andy Mabbett 

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