UV lights

Chris Conlan conlan at adnc.com
Wed Jun 27 23:47:30 EDT 2001

I'm no light bulb expert but I have been told many times by folks I trust 
that many types of florescent bulbs loose their intensity over time.  How
much this will affect their attractiveness to insects I can't say.  I
usually end up breaking my tubes by some unfortunate mishap before I would
ever consider them old enough to replace, but I would if I ever thought they
were beyond their useful life.  I see this in my aquariums when my bulbs are
over a year old.  The plants just don't grow as well compared to a new bulb.


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Subject: UV lights
Date: Wed, Jun 27, 2001, 6:21 PM

Hi folks - A friend mentioned to me that he has been seeing very few moths
at his lights in northern Pennsylvania.  He read on the package of his UV
bulb (one of those semi-circular tubes) that they loose their effectiveness
after a while.  He was wondering, half seriously, if this was just to get
people to by more bulbs.  Has anyone heard of this happening?
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