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A quick perusal of the site of USDA, PPQ for permits approved for moving monarchs into CA revealed that:  "Individuals of Danaus plexippus that are being shipped may only consist of individuals reared from field populations originating WEST of the Continental Divide. Shipments are not permitted to crossover the Continental Divide. Refer to a map to determine boundaries."  A state of CA permit must also be approved on the same basis, and all specific requirements listed on the permit must be in compliance.  Those permits on the PPQ list which were not approved were dismissed for the above reasons.


>>> Paul Cherubini <monarch at> 06/27/01 10:04AM >>>
Thomas Eichlin wrote:
> Paul,
> As with your first example of Reno, Nevada monarchs, my guess is that the permit people > allowed these on the basis of common western populations, but I am not certain.

There are other examples: 

In the space for Destination State enter: CA
In the space for Organism Scientific Name enter: danaus plexippus

Now press the RUN QUERY button
(A version 4 or higher web browser may be needed)

This will bring up all the people in the USA that have permits
to either ship monarchs into California from another state 
for environmental release or people living within California
that have a permit to release monarchs within California.

For example, Craig Foster Robinson in Washington State has
a permit to ship monarchs to California for environmental

Paul Cherubini, Placerville, Calif.


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