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Thu Jun 28 14:01:24 EDT 2001

Leroy, I use a straight 15 watt fluorescent from BioQuip and most of the time 
I also cover it with the plastic mesh protector that must cut down its 
efficiency.  However, I have almost too many moths coming to that light.  I 
use the protector because I have several cats that love to hunt the moths at 
night and often knock the light over.

Recently, I compared the efficiency of the above mentioned fluorescent with 
the BioQuip 160 watt MV self-ballasted light.  I alternated them night by 
night in the same location and in the same trap under constant weather 
conditions (not difficult here in the desert!).  The 15 watt was much more 
efficient that the more powerful MV - the latter was drawing about 80% of the 
numbers of macro and micro leps of the fluorescent.  Some of the smaller 
hymenoptera, coleoptera and water "bugs" from the small adjacent canal were a 
lot less abundant also, a good thing with the catches we get.

I do want to pose a question of the readers though.  All my earlier 
collecting years were in England.  There the MV bulbs were amazingly 
efficient.  The self-ballasted ones were not so common and the normal 
ballasted ones were all opaque on the outside.  They came typically in 80 or 
125 watt power.  Leroy or anyone, are you aware of these, are they available 
in the US and why did they seem to be so efficient.  Given what I get to 15 
watt fluorescent, I was fully expecting to be blown away when I tried the 160 
watt MV and was disappointed.  Any explanations?

Ian Watkinson, Yuma, Arizona


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