Malathion and head lice

Paul Cherubini monarch at
Thu Jun 28 14:46:55 EDT 2001

> In the same vein, how dangerous is the prescription "Quell" which
> contains Lindane, which I understand was banned in the 70's for use in
> agriculture. Just curious.

Lindane, like Malathion has very low acute toxicity to humans and other
warm blooded animals which is why it is approved (in low doses at low 
concentrations) for use directly on the heads of kids (with a doctors

Environmentalist organizations typically portray all insecticides as
very dangerous.  Their agenda is to instill fear and worry. So they avoid
any mention of the critical importance of dosage and concentration 
in their preachings of the hazards. 

For example, consider what the following two websites have to say
about head lice and mosquito fogging insecticides:

The NABA website says this:

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