Ron's mountain trip

Ron Gatrelle gatrelle at
Sat May 5 02:13:47 EDT 2001

Got up and left Goose Creek (South Carolina coast) at 5 am. Thursday for
two days of butterflying where North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia
meet. Got back a little while ago 10:30 pm Friday.

Locations by state/county
South Carolina
    P-Pickens - Lake Issaquena Forest
    O-Oconee - Burrels Ford Rd
    R-Rabun - Burrels Ford Rd.
    R              Hale Ridge Rd
North Carolina
    M-Macon - Jones Gap,  Turtle Pond Rd., Hale Ridge Rd.
    C-Clay - several areas eastern part of County
    J-Jackson - visc. Bull Pen Rd.

Total species list (34 total). Elevation up to 4300

Amblyscirtes hegon (P, 2 )
                        belli (P, 1 fresh)
Poaes zabulon (P )
Erynnis icelus ( all, abundant)
              juvenalis (all, abundant)
              horatius (P )
              baptisiae (P )
              brizo (R )
              martialis (R, 1)
Epargyreus clarus (all, very common)

Eurema nicippe (P, J, 1 each)
Colias eurytheme ( C, M )
Pieris rapae (M, few nr. a farm garden)
           virginiensis ( C, common)
Anthocharia midea (C, 1 very worn )

Pterourus glaucus (all )
                  canadensis* ( C, being sent to specialist )
                  troilus (P, C, J, M)
Battus philenor (O, R, C, M, J )
Eurytides marcellus ( P )

Incisalia niphon (P, 1 fresh female)
Celastrina ladon (C, 1 male very worn)
Celastrina neglectamajor (C, 1male very fresh)
Celastrina neglecta (P, J, few )
Everes comyntas (all, common)
Feniseca tarquinius ( P, C, )
Calycopis cecrops  (P, J )

Vanessa virginiensis (all, sporadic individuals)
Phyciodes tharos (P, O, J, M sporadic individuals)
Liminetis a. astyanax (P, O, J )
Nymphalis antiopa (M,  1 very worn, Jones Gap 4200')
Hermeuptychia sosybius (P, R, J )
Cylopsis gemma (J, 2 fresh )
Euptoieta claudia (J, 1fresh)

Comments. My "working" purpose in this trip was to target two species:
Pterourus "canadensis"  and P. virginiensis - all the rest were sidelights.
The gemma were likely numerous as I didn't pay much attention to those taxa
which were peripheral to my main focus. The same holds true for others like
E. martialis, E. horatius, and A. hegon

1)  I found one late West Virginia white last year (1st of June) and wanted
to check the area at the right time. This butterfly was "everywhere" in
Clay County I looked - up to 4300' in dry woods hill-topping to 3300 at
stream beds - even out along Hwy 64. Probably saw 40 - 50 males mostly

2) I collected a series of glaucus exhibiting the range of variation in
that region to send to a team that is researching the Appalachian
"canadensis" entity. One specimen in particular was a classic canadensis.
No females were seen just loads of males - at all low areas - 1 at Jones
Gap 4300'. Can't give too much info here as this is the work of otheres in
progress - but it is VERY interesting.

Having accomplished my objectives, I consider the trip a success.


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