Bt corn turns out to be great monarch habitat

Paul Cherubini monarch at
Sat May 12 00:58:41 EDT 2001

Mike Quinn wrote:
> One relevant quote you neglected to include: "The researchers stress,
> however, that their results are preliminary and still under review by other
> experts."

Mike, before these studies anyone who would have suggested that 
the ultra intense crop and roadside monocultures found
in the midwest USA
could be good monarch butterfly breeding
habitats would have been considered brain dead.

Likewise, alot of people think I am brain dead for suggesting
good monarch butterfly overwintering habitats can
exist in ultra urbanized settings such as the following:
This San Francisco Bay Area overwintering site, by the way, hold 
the records for the two longest lived tagged male and female 
overwintering monarchs.

Paul Cherubini, Placerville, Calif.


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