The TIARA Biodiversity Project - Updated 5 May 2001

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The TIARA Biodiversity Project  

A collaborative, on-line, biological information system for the insects and
terrestrial arthropods of the south-central United States and adjacent

What's New [Brief synopsis emphasizing lepidopteran updates]

5 May 2001 +  (version 3.x)

Images: 3637 total (2369 new) (strongest in Odonata and Lepidoptera, but
representatives also for many other orders) [>1200 Lepidoptera images now

Distribution Records: 68,171 total (47,089 new) species-by-county and
county-by-state records (principally for: Araneae, Coleoptera
[Scarabaeidae], Diptera [Culicidae, Tabanidae], Ephemeroptera, Hymenoptera
[Formicidae], Mecoptera, Megaloptera, Neuroptera, Odonata, Plecoptera,

Specimen Records: 74,427 total (74,427 new) (principally from the TAMUIC for
the groups: Coleoptera [Scarabaeidae], Megaloptera, Neuroptera, Odonata,
Orthoptera, Raphidioptera) 

Materials received and posted

Bordelon (new collaborator): Arthropod images (Lepidoptera) 
Gillaspy (new collaborator): Species lists, and associated county-level
distribution records, for several Texas Lepidoptera survey sites. 
Knudson (new collaborator): Arthropod images (ca. 800 images of scanned
Quinn: Arthropod images (>500 images, primarily of south Texas butterflies) 
Texas A&M University Insect Collection: Specimen-level records (ca. 75,000
specimens, primarily in the orders Coleoptera, Megaloptera, Orthoptera,
Neuroptera and Raphidioptera). 


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