Red Admirals in Quebec

RENE BOUTIN rboutin at
Tue May 15 09:32:53 EDT 2001

I also been seeing them and putting them in my screen house and they have been
laying eggs on the neetles.
   also painted ladies,a couple of polygonia comma, I've also seen in my yard
a canadian tiger swallowtail .

Martha Rosett Lutz wrote:

> Jim Mason on Vanessa atalanta ....
> Has anyone else noticed a super-abundance of Red Admirals this spring
> ///
> We have quite a few here in Iowa City.  I notice them when I walk down to
> pick up my kids after school.  It's only about 1.5 miles round trip, but I
> feel as though I have been seeing a lot of Red Admirals between here and
> the school.  No numbers, just a sense that there are a lot of them.
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