A. Celtis on Prunus spp?

Danfosha at aol.com Danfosha at aol.com
Wed May 16 14:21:35 EDT 2001


I recently saw what I believed to be Asterocampa Celtis on flowers of Prunus 
Pumila in the foothills of Colorado, in Castlewood Canyon State Park. Is this 
common? Most of the literature I found suggests that A. Celtis prefers, of 
course, Celtis spp. However, based on my limited knowledge, Celtis species do 
not seem to be common in central Colorado.

P. Pumila was in full bloom at the time, and A. Celtis seemed to be using the 
flowers. Unfortunately, I was not equipped to take a specimen, even if it 
were allowed. I hope to return and get some photos soon.

Dan Fosha
C. Springs, CO
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