Can someone help identify this ( Mike )

Marshall Marshall33479 at
Wed May 23 12:52:00 EDT 2001

mikayak at (Mike Soukup) wrote:
> Easy one,
>     You didn't find it in the butterfly site....because it is a moth!!.
> A Luna Moth (Actias luna) to be precise.
> I recently lost my hard drive and haven't found all my links yet....and I
> can't get to the Prarie research web site.  So, the only link I can give
> now is:
> Whenever the .gov website starts working, you can see a photo there.

Thanks to everyone who replied-- in group, and via email (J.)

Mike, is this the link you were thinking of ?

That is where I tried to id my visitor yesterday. Of course, I was
searching the buttery files since I saw the guy in the middle of the

--Phil Marshall--
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