Killing moths

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Ron Gatrelle: Do you expect me to reply?
Bateau: No Mr Ron Gatrelle, I expect you to die!
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>> Freezer is faster and more humane, don't you think?
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>To leps-l (not Jane personally)
>This is just an observation and personal musing, so don't read too much
>into it. It is always interesting to _me_ to see how much many of us humans
>are interested in that which is humane to even bugs - but we are so
>non-activist about the inhumanity to our own kind (i.e. the excruciating
>torturous death of a human person via abortion by ones own parent - consult
>the documentary film "Silent Scream").

I figure that being "humane" only applies to humans.
And IIRC, during the period in which <whatever they're called> are
aborted they can't feel it anyway.

>I once watched a  Praying Mantis in our back yard in St Louis catch a honey
>bee - hold it at "arms" length and proceed to eat it alive - head first.
>There was no "concern" there about being humane. Nor with the spider and
>the butterfly.  The Buffalo has no concern if it is eating the last clump
>of an "endangered" grass.  The natural world doesn't give a rats behind
>about pain and devastation - it just cares about its next meal and mating
>season. And us? Well we all have to decide for ourselves.  Of course, me, I
>personally KNOW that we will all have to answer to a divine power once out
>tiny time here is over. No body thinks much about that any more either.
>Rev. Ron

Oh I see, a religious man. I won't get into an abortion debate with
you then :)
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