Is it really a virus?

Olle af Geijerstam at
Thu May 31 15:49:42 EDT 2001


Yes, it is. Read more about it here.


At 11:06 AM 5/31/2001 -0400, you wrote:
>Hello Fellow Leps-L List Users,
>     I'm hoping the following message I sent in response to a "real virus" 
> scare will be of help to you.
>     When receiving an e-mail warning of a new virus, do the 
> following:  Check one of several sites on the web to see if it really is 
> a hoax!
>     Here is the site I routinely 
> use:
>     Click on the letter "S" on that page, since the virus name in the 
> letter begins with "S". Scroll down the list. There you will see listed 
> the name of the supposed infected "File" and a description of the hoax.
>     The louder the message shouts "Don't open it! It will ruin your 
> computer"...etc., etc., the more you should suspect it is a hoax. We will 
> all be well served if everyone takes the time to check before spreading 
> the fear...
>     I also use the two following excellent sites:
>To check on a supposed virus with a name:
>To follow-up on a damaging Internet legend:
>Regards, Valerie Passoa

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