Economy Class Curatorial Award

Bill Cornelius billcor at
Sun Sep 2 12:29:52 EDT 2001

The following is my semi-fatuous submission for this years Economy Class
Curatorial Award:

Are you tired of having to maintain a constant humidity for the entire

Are you tired of the rising cost of metal cabinets?

Does your Board of Trustees wince when you give your quarterly report?

Try ÒUsed RefrigeratorsÓ! They have those bug proof magnetic gasket
doors. TheyÕre cheap or free, pull out the guts & a little tub caulking
or Bondo on the various flashings will make them bug proof, & they can
be linked in series or parallel with flexible conduit or stovepipe to a
single small dehumidifier. They also come in assorted colors to take
that tired grey-green curse off the storage room. (a few pictures of
kitties & duckies on the doors helps too).

So if YOUR board of trustees moans every time you ask for more storage,
Tell them about ÒUsed RefrigeratorsÓ and be ready for the applause!

Another advantage is that the interiors usually have room left over for
LARGE trays of silica gel, the summer storage of your winter woolens, or
for other nighttime projects. (ask about my recipe for Museum Jerky,
regular Napthalene flavor or new Classic Natron)


PS: the interior plastic is affected by napthalene, (if you use it), but
enameled tin liners w/ plywood doorskin to replace the trim works arn't.


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