Questions about Arizona Mothing

BMW60 bmw60 at
Mon Sep 3 18:02:39 EDT 2001

Ryan,  Hi, this is Bill in Tucson.  I suppose  your not familiar with Arizona,
but Pena Blanca Canyon is the Holy Grail of United States moth collecting.  The
only bad thing is you missed the real show which is in July.  What kind of
moths are you interested in?  The sphingids hold on a lot longer than the
saturnids and there should be some left.  I was planning a trip, probable
Wednesday to Pena Blanca and you would be welcome to meet me there.  I've got
all the Mercury Vapor and black light stuff needed.  As far as renting any
stuff, a generator may be available at a tool rental shop but I would say you
would be out of luck getting light equipment.  The Chiracahua Mountains just
East of you is well known for mothing.  If I can help you with anything else
just E-Mail me at BMW60 at MSN.COM   Dont pay any attention to the address I sent
this to you on.  Take Care,   Bill


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