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Wed Sep 5 04:38:19 EDT 2001

On September 5, George wrote concerning  Darapsa pholus pupa:

> I went searching, and never found it.  The sun was going down.  But while on my
> hands and knees, I had the pleasure of watching a female Darapsa pholus laying
> eggs on my Viburnum carlesii.  I snagged a couple leaves that she had daintily
> touched her abdomen to, and through the month of August raised two larva on V.
> carlesii and V. prunifolium.
> Both made it to the last instar, but only one has formed a pupa.  This is my
> first attempt.  What do I do now?  Put it in the Fridge?
There are pics and info about Darapsa pholus at
including pupa storage info.
There is additional overwintering info at
Put it in cold storage in mid September as per instructions on websites and you should have a nice specimen next spring. Good luck!
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