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Wed Sep 5 10:35:33 EDT 2001

Upon getting up this "morning" ( I usually go to bed between 3 and 6 a.m
and up at 9 to 11- last "night" it was 5 to 9) I found a flurry of requests
for one or both of the free TTR issues posted yesterday.  If there ever was
a "tip of the iceberg" this is it. I'm talking about on line publishing.
It is amazing to think that if a zillion requests came in for this over the
next 500 years that the issues would still be "in stock".

Occasionally someone will snicker at out paper product as it is on not too
unusual of paper and stapled together. However, it is one of the world's
most widely available scientific publications because of the internet. It
is printed on high quality acid free paper, but our primary achievable
media is our CDR for each volume at years end. TTR is a report - and our
paper version is of that design. If we had a $100,000 printing budget we
would still print on the same paper and in same format.  But, back to the
main subject. At the tap of a couple keys on a computer today publications
can be sent or accessed - unlimited copies - and virtually no cost. WOW!!!!

I want to recommend here again the Great White brand - Imaging and Photo
paper if you print out pictures (including your TTR pdf file).  This is by
far the best all around paper for this purpose we have found. It is
printable on both sides and I think renders better color etc then the
expensive one side only glossy photo papers. It is a 37 lb paper and
slightly "slick" which gives it a real rich feel. You can find it at any
office supply store. (We use the highest quality 24 lb 96 white for our
text pages. Several brands will do for this.)

One can purchase our CDs on line at our web site
If it were me I would just get the CD for $25 and print out and staple my
own Volume at home :-)   The CD has two versions of each issue - the pdf
file which has compacted pictures - and a full size Word file. Print from
the Word file if you can. But, be aware that your brand of printer will
change the page breaks etc. and move things around some. What you see on
your screen is dictated by your pinter's settings.

Well, I didn't intend to get into all that.  This was not a sales pitch.  I
was (am) just amazed when one thinks of all the opportunities and
advantages of on line publications!!!!!!!!!   Heck, let me make another
pitch. If you want your taxonomically related research to be available to
the world, published within two months of final review, usually no page
charges, etc. - The Taxonomic Report is waiting.

Ron Gatrelle


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