BIOLOGY is too complex for some

Michael Gochfeld gochfeld at
Fri Sep 7 23:02:42 EDT 2001

Norbert wrote:

- biology is an infinitely more complex science that mathematics :-)

In college, while we were deciding on our major, we were advised to
consider a larger picture of how comfortable we were with uncertainty.
We were told that people often switched from biology to chemistry, where
things seemed more predictable.  Some switched into physics, where they
were so proud of their laws.  Those still troubled by imperfections such
as "chance" became mathematicians, while others went on to theology
(Oberlin had a theological seminary in those days).

It was perhaps not a coincidence that two of the physics faculty were
also ministers while none of the biologists were (small sample size, to
be sure).

Mike Gochfeld


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