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Just remembered this gem. Nymphalis vau-album is another violator of the
code. I remember Joe Belicek mentioning to me some 12 or so years ago that
vau-album is a nomen nudum (naked name). Sadly I forgot to follow up on that
advice so we ended up using it in Alberta Butterflies. But it is now widely
known that we need to use the species name l-album Esper (1780). This was
pointed out Kocak in Priamus twenty years ago but it has taken a while for
us to wake up and smell the coffee. The genus name is also very suspect from
a taxonomic view even tho it is OK from a nomenclature perspective. A truely
excellent piece of work by Nylin et al 2001 presents sufficient reasons to
cause me to place it in the genus Polygonia. People who like very narrowly
defined monotyypic genera will want to place it in Roddia. Nymphalis does
not appear to be defensible any longer.

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