Hornets in my bait traps

Jaakko Kullberg jaakko.kullberg at helsinki.fi
Mon Sep 10 13:02:00 EDT 2001

Hi there!

I use basically the same kind of liquids in my bait traps in S-Finland
(n=79). I take whatever sweet juices or wine available and as much sugar as
possible. I had earlier problems with Vespula species in Finland and even
with Vespa crabro when visiting in Estonia. However when I started to use
winegar to improve catching the number of Vespids decreased. It won't work
well more than one week. I have used tetrachloretane in the traps and when
the trap is good you will find only killed ones there. With urine in the
bait you will improve atleast the number of flies there - I´ve tried when
catching Apatura...



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