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Koçak, 1981 merely repeated what _Stichel in Seitz, 1909-09_,
Die Gross-Schmetterlinge der Erde (1)
1. Die Palaearktischen Tagfalter.
p. 206 :
"Polygonia l-album (= vau-album Schiff., nom. nud.)"
had already published.
This has apparently been neglected/forgotten for over 70 years.
So, you're not the only ones ...


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> Just remembered this gem. Nymphalis vau-album is another violator of the
> code. I remember Joe Belicek mentioning to me some 12 or so years ago that
> vau-album is a nomen nudum (naked name). Sadly I forgot to follow up on
> advice so we ended up using it in Alberta Butterflies. But it is now
> known that we need to use the species name l-album Esper (1780). This was
> pointed out Kocak in Priamus twenty years ago but it has taken a while for
> us to wake up and smell the coffee. The genus name is also very suspect
> a taxonomic view even tho it is OK from a nomenclature perspective. A
> excellent piece of work by Nylin et al 2001 presents sufficient reasons to
> cause me to place it in the genus Polygonia. People who like very narrowly
> defined monotyypic genera will want to place it in Roddia. Nymphalis does
> not appear to be defensible any longer.
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