New photo database/unidentified leps

Dave Green pollinator at aol.comnospam
Wed Sep 19 05:26:59 EDT 2001

> >>I was unable to reply directly to Dave Green.
> >I didn't get through either.
>He has jiggered his email reply address.  To mail him, you have to edit it 
>from "@aol.comnospam" to "".

That's right, Liz.  With all the blocks I've put up, they still come thru,
10-20 spams a day.  I also (try to) block anyone who's sent me a virus.

Thought it would be obvious. Should I add a note about it?

Get one almost every day from Nigeria, that looks interesting, though....they
say I could be rich...maybe I'll try it.

  Thank y'all for your help!  I can't remember when I've had so much fun. These
old brain cells are getting lots of stimulation.

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