Nigerian e-mails

R. Mikula butrfly at
Wed Sep 19 17:56:40 EDT 2001

There are web sites set up to fight the Nigerian e-mails which to date
has over 200 authors. I simply collect them and send them back and forth
to the other Nigerians
so they could compare notes and get their stories straight. If you want
to get rid of them just reply that you will be forwarding their e-mails
to the following;

Nigerian Ambassador Embassy of Nigeria  1333 16th St., N.W., Washington,
Federal Investigation & Intelligence Bureau,  Alagbon Closc, Ikoi, Lagos
Fraud Defense Network 
The Fraud Information Center 
Trolls, Scams, Hackers, Hoaxes etc. Site 
International Scam Investigation Services
International Scam and Fraud Information Board (ISFIB) (Canada) 
Internet Consumer Commission (ICC)  
Internet Consumer Fraud Information Service 
Internet Scambusters E-Zine 
Internet Scam Page 
Internet ScamBusters
Financial Scandals Website 
Nigerian National Petroleum Company
Nigeria National Committee of the ICC
Motherland Nigeria 
Nigeria Scam Alert
The Nigerian Democratic Movement 
National Australian  Security Providers Association
South African Police Service (Even though you are central)
U.S. Secret Service Financial Crimes Division
United States Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs
United States Department of the Treasury FinCEN
United States Securities and Exchange Commission
US Export Assistance Center, New York (USEAC: US Dept of Commerce, EX-IM
Bank, SBA)
United States Secret Service
419 Coalition Main Page
Volker Securities & Investments Ltd. 
Web Police (US)


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