A little knowledge is a dangerous thing

Kenelm Philip fnkwp at aurora.alaska.edu
Tue Sep 25 14:57:31 EDT 2001

	Some of you may have received a mailing from the Mariposa Press
describing some new books. I was interested to read that the book 'But-
terflies of the World' by Sbordoni & Forestiero will answer the  question
"...why do Norwegians, Alaskans, and Manitobans see polar fritillary
butterflies only every other year?"

	Alaska is a largeish state--1/5th the area of the contiguous 48
states, and nearly equal to them in linear extent. It's sometimes not
safe to say that 'butterflies in Alaska' do thus and so--you have to add
where _in_ Alaska. It's true that _Boloria polaris_ flies in odd years
only in Interior Alaska (in alpine tundra)--but it flies every summer on
the Seward Peninsula, in the Brooks Range, and on the North Slope.

	One may hope that the person at the publisher who wrote this blurb
is the one who made the error, rather than the authors...

							Ken Philip
fnkwp at uaf.edu


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