Genitalic phylogeny

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Tue Sep 25 21:55:57 EDT 2001

In response to Norbert's inquiry on S.boloria.

At an International herp congress in the early 1990's  there was a session on
snake classification with a heated debate on whether the phylogeny based on
hemipenis-morphology was superior to that based on other characters
(biochemical but not molecular traits included).

The hemipenis guys won on shear confidence in their moral authority.

Mike Gochfeld

"Kondla, Norbert FOR:EX" wrote:

> Anyone know of any published or unpublished evidence that supports treating
> ossianus as a subspecies of eunomia ?? Looking for anything other than
> genitalia since genitalic similarity (if in fact they are similar) only
> proves that the genitalia are similar and classifying genitalia is not the
> same as classifying butterflies. Thanks.
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