Digital Camera Dilema

Martha Rosett Lutz lutzrun at
Wed Sep 26 13:00:37 EDT 2001

For less than a grand?  I suggest going to a reputable dealer (someone
respected in the community, rather than a discount store) and asking to see
what they've got by Olympus.

Sean Mullen also wrote:

"perfectly dreary, and typical, day here in Ithaca, NY"

Hmmm.  Gorgeous, high 50's and sunny with a little breeze here in Iowa, but
I'd trade places in a heartbeat because the only way I can study entomology
right now is to be a distance student at UNL.  My older daughter (HS
senior; the one with 1600/1600 on her SAT) wants to enroll at Cornell U.,
and if she does she'll find Mom a frequent visitor.

On the leps front:  a few weeks ago we had a lot of Monarchs in the area,
but I haven't seen any this week.  On September the 8th my youngest son
picked up a lovely Eacles larva.  I persuaded my husband to buy some nice
potting soil and I helped my 7-year-old fill a 3-gallon ice cream bucket
with dirt.  Then we put the caterpillar in.  It went underground with
delightful promptness, and a week later we carefully dumped out the dirt
and found the pupa.  He understands that it has to be kept at outdoor
temperatures and that it won't hatch until next spring.

Insects can be a great way to teach deferred gratification and long-term goals.

In Stride,
Martha Rosett Lutz
a.k.a. the old lady sprinter in Iowa


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