Digital Camera Dilema

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I second Martha's suggestion. I did exactly that a couple of months ago -
and I took a box of moths with me to the store. We tried various cameras,
starting with the least expensive, until I was happy with the detail. I
walked out with an Olympus. I have taken hundreds of pics of my bugs (using
a small tripod) and have used it outdoors as well.

By the way, digitals use about as much electricity as a medium-sized
toaster; buy a transformer as well.

Jim Taylor
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> For less than a grand?  I suggest going to a reputable dealer (someone
> respected in the community, rather than a discount store) and asking to
> what they've got by Olympus.
> Sean Mullen also wrote:
> "perfectly dreary, and typical, day here in Ithaca, NY"
> Hmmm.  Gorgeous, high 50's and sunny with a little breeze here in Iowa,
> I'd trade places in a heartbeat because the only way I can study
> right now is to be a distance student at UNL.  My older daughter (HS
> senior; the one with 1600/1600 on her SAT) wants to enroll at Cornell U.,
> and if she does she'll find Mom a frequent visitor.
> On the leps front:  a few weeks ago we had a lot of Monarchs in the area,
> but I haven't seen any this week.  On September the 8th my youngest son
> picked up a lovely Eacles larva.  I persuaded my husband to buy some nice
> potting soil and I helped my 7-year-old fill a 3-gallon ice cream bucket
> with dirt.  Then we put the caterpillar in.  It went underground with
> delightful promptness, and a week later we carefully dumped out the dirt
> and found the pupa.  He understands that it has to be kept at outdoor
> temperatures and that it won't hatch until next spring.
> Insects can be a great way to teach deferred gratification and long-term
> In Stride,
> Martha Rosett Lutz
> a.k.a. the old lady sprinter in Iowa
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