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Randy Emmitt birdcr at
Thu Sep 27 18:29:56 EDT 2001


Here`s my take on digital cameras ( I own a Canon EOS1N  35mm film camera BTW).

I`ve been looking at getting a digital because of the depth of field 
(DOF)being nearly 4 times greater than a 35 mm camera. The reason for the 
increased DOF is the small CCDs usually they are 1 1/8 inch CCDs.

Granted these 3.3 megapixel cameras like the Nikon Coolpix 990 or 995 and 
Canon G1 can not come even close to the resolution of a 35 mm film camera. 
At best I think you can get a 8 mb file from these digitals and  a 35 
mm  slide you can get 25 mb files with a 2700 dpi film scanner and nearly 
100 mb files with a 4000 dpi film scanner. In other words printed at 300 
dpi (production quality work) the 8 mb digital file might if lucky print to 
8 x 10 @330 dpi (not 72 dpi) where as a 100 mb file should print nicely to 
20 x 24 @300 dpi which is actually 4 times larger.

If I was to buy a digital right now in the $1000 price range it would 
either be the
Canon G2    3.92 megapixels priced at $900
  or the
  Nikon Coolpix 5000    4.92 megapixel priced at $1100

The Nikon looks real nice but the Canon is sweet too and I have various 
flashes already it could use too. I`m stalled on buying one because Canon 
is just releasing a new SLR type digital the EOS D! 4.1 megapixel for $7000 
and the awesome EOS D30 (SLR type)might drop from the $2800 a good bit when 
pros trade up for the EOS D! to hopefully under $1300 then I would snatch 
one up as my EOS lens could also be able to be used and at 1.6x there 
normal size, in other words my 100 mm macro lens would become a 160mm macro 

Randy Emmitt
Rougemont, NC

Randy Emmitt Photography
Carolina Butterfly Society webmaster


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