Digital Camera Dilema

Will Cook cwcook at
Wed Sep 26 15:29:56 EDT 2001

There are plenty of great digital cameras available for less than
$1000.  The Nikon CoolPix series in particular is renowned for its macro
capability without additional attachments and can focus down to about 2
cm.  Here are some scaled-down butterfly shots I took with a Nikon
CoolPix 995: -
including one shot of a beat-up Red-spotted Purple. The originals are
2048 x 1536 pixels.

The 995 is available for $800 or less and earlier (discontinued) models
are much cheaper.  See this site for the latest reviews and developments
in the world of digital photography:

Sean Patrick Mullen wrote:
> Hello everyone...perfectly dreary, and typical, day here in Ithaca, NY.
> I was wondering if anyone on the list has had success with digital photography?
> I'm planning to do some controlled crosses between phenotypically
> "pure" individuals of the Red-Spotted Admiral group.  I want to take
> digital images of the resulting wing color patterns so that I can use
> a computer program to analyze them.  Any suggestions?
> Ideally, I'd like to get a camera that could take nice pictures in
> the lab but also be useful for field photography but that may be
> asking too much.  Oh yeah, if I could get one for less that a grand
> it would be nice too!!!!

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