Wanted: Neophasia terlooti & Colias

JJK jjk65 at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 28 15:43:33 EDT 2001

I am in need of Neophasia terlootii pairs, Colias nastes nastes, Colias
nastes moina, Colias nastes aliaska, Colias nastes streckeri, Colias
scudderii, Colias gigantea gigantea, Colias gigantea harroweri, Colias
pelidne pelidne and Colias pelidne skinneri, western Agathymus and
Will buy or exchange for Speyeria cybele charlotti females, Speyeria idalia
males, Megathymus coloradensis, Agathymus mariae, Atlides halesus, Papilio
palamedes, etc.

Contact: jjk65 at hotmail.com

Thank you!


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