Callophrys (Incisalia) records in New Hampshire/Maine

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Opler & Krizek (1984) in Butterflies East of the Great Plains have a short
account for eryphon with the following: "It has been found locally in Maine,
Minnesota and Michigan. In Maine the butterflies were found in a black
spruce-sphagnum bog perching on young spruce the East, the single
brood of adults flies from May 18 to June 9." The range map shows a small
isolated area in Maine abutting the border with New Hampshire close to its
north end pretty much the same as the small black bit extending into maine
on Scott's  Butt of NA map.
In Butterflies of the Ottawa District (Layberry, Hall & Lafontaine1982) they
mention that in Algonquin Park in eastern Ontario eryphon was found in sandy
boreal forest areas around Pines. Butterflies of Canda and Handfield
(Papillons du Quebec) both state that it occurs in bogs from adjacent pine
(strobus and banksiana) stands. I think Ross Layberry published an account
of the discovery of the species in Algonquin park in the Canadian Field
Naturalist. I don't have the citation to hand but can dig it up if you want,
maybe there are references to New England records.....AND also just found
this in Handfield's list of citations under eryphon (probably what you are
looking for): Warren J. Kiel, 1976, Callophrys eryphon (Lycaenidae) in
Maine, Journal of the Lep Soc 30 (1): 16-18. Maybe Ron Gatrelle or someone
has this issue on hand and can provide the details.

Hope this helps

Jeff Crolla
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> I have been trying to find the original publications that document the
> presence of the western pine elfin in northern New England (Coos Co. New
> Hampshire, and Oxford Co. Maine), wihout much luck (beyond splotches of
> color in field guides).  The White Mountain National Forest wants to know
> if this species has been found in areas under their jurisdiction.  If you
> could communicate to me the appropriate literature citation, or where to
> find it (it doesn't seem to be in Zoo Record), I would appreciate it.
> Don Chandler
> University of New Hampshire
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