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Guy Van de Poel & A. Kalus Guy_VdP at
Mon Apr 1 19:13:43 EST 2002

> "There's a strong correlation between the number of subspp. a taxon has
> the number of amateur enthusiasts involved. Examples include Tiger and

The other taxa - not so well studied - will of course have fewer ssp., as
nobody ever 'cared' enough to find them. Or (comparing e.g. moths to
butterflies) the numbers involved are so high that it would take even more
'amateur enthousiasts'.

I think it's time to stop this silly - and local as only related to the
USA - discussion. We've had it before on the list, and should agree to
disagree. It's getting to the point where it gets personal - and thus
annoying to the rest.
Not to give Mike the idea I'm attacking him, I agree on most he's been
saying. But I *won't* answer to anything related to this discussion.



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