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Paul Cherubini monarch at
Mon Apr 1 19:32:20 EST 2002

Patrick Foley wrote:

> PS Butterflies are popping up in Northern California. Pieris rapae Cabbage
> Whites, have been out for months of course. Battus philenor, Pipevine
> Swallowtail has become common along the American River, Sacramento County. This
> weekend I saw a Pontia sisymbrii, Spring White and a Ringlet, Coenonympha tullia
> (one of many subspecies (or species?) ranging even into Eurasia?) in Oak
> woodland in Sonoma County. In Berkeley (returning daughter to school), A
> Celastrina ladon, Spring Azure was puddling in the dormitory parking lot. There
> are surely more species out there, but my observations will be neither extesive
> nor intensive until this gas bubble in my eye is history.

I saw a Painted Lady in rapid migratory flight to the NNW on March 30
in Modesto, Calif.  It was in faded, but unworn condition just like the Painted
Ladies we typically see in March / April during outbreak years. 

Then yesturday I think I saw two more Painted Ladies here near
Placerville, CA, also flying  NNW, but I wasn't able to get close 
enough for a positive ID.

Anyway, I hope other Californian / Arizona watchers & collectors will keep 
their eyes out for migrating Painted Ladies this April.  It may not be an 
outbreak year, but it would be interesting to know whether or not regular
northward migrations of faded Painted Ladies occur every spring.

Paul Cherubini
Placerville, CA


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