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> 	My local nature list server is inundated with birdwatchers recording
> every 
> robin, finch, duck, etc. that they see; quickly gets boring. They rarely 
> mention the type of binocular or scope they use. In contrast, moth 
> collectors on this list seem more intent on the theoretical designing of a
> better mousetrap with little or no reporting of moth species collected.
> 	As in bird watching, and real estate, the 3 most important aspects
> of moth 
> collecting are location, location, location. [AG]   ...and time, date; and
> time, date; and time, date...
>  	Moffers have progressed little since Southwood's astute observation,
> 25 
> years ago, that the 'explosive speciation' in diversity indices is
> "perhaps 
> only rivalled in ecological methodology by 'new designs' for light traps" 
> with the added footnote " the purveyors of 'new' light traps seem 
> completely oblivious of the burgeoning literature that testifies to the 
> parallelism in human thought!"
> 	Let's take a leaf from the birders and report more on species
> distribution 
> in time and space and less on MV vs. BL.
> Tony T.
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