Moffers cf. Birders

Leptraps at Leptraps at
Thu Apr 4 21:57:13 EST 2002

Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! Wait a minute, talk of traps is boring. 
What mothless place are you from! Besides, the correct spelling is moth'er. 
Lepster, now moffers. My neighbors 3 year old son says moffers and drools in 
the process. A future birder? I hope not, he should stop drooling shortly, or 
at least until he begins to notice girls.

If you cannot catch them, how do you list them? 

What type of UV lights do you use? If you want to see moths and lots of them, 
get a trap, one of mine preferably. I use stainless steel and plastic so 
drooling on the trap will not rust them (I hope you will drool over the 

The only lesson I learned from birders was the use of vinegar to get bird 
s--t off my car.

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