Moffers cf. Birders

Stan Gorodenski stanlep at
Thu Apr 4 23:46:38 EST 2002

Actually, I think Heterocera'ers is much better than either. No
mistaking it with moffers (moth'ers-moffers), your tongue doesn't get
stuck to, or bit by, your teeth while saying it, and it denotes a high
level of scientific acumen. Also, no chance of a 3 year old being able
to say this one, let alone drool while saying it!!!!

Leptraps at wrote:
> Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! Wait a minute, talk of traps is boring.
> What mothless place are you from! Besides, the correct spelling is moth'er.
> Lepster, now moffers. My neighbors 3 year old son says moffers and drools in
> the process. A future birder? I hope not, he should stop drooling shortly, or
> at least until he begins to notice girls.
> If you cannot catch them, how do you list them?
> What type of UV lights do you use? If you want to see moths and lots of them,
> get a trap, one of mine preferably. I use stainless steel and plastic so
> drooling on the trap will not rust them (I hope you will drool over the
> moths).
> The only lesson I learned from birders was the use of vinegar to get bird
> s--t off my car.


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