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Anyone with an idea about how we can keep this sort of thing off the list?
Larry, are you there?

Jim Taylor


Leps-l is a wide open list and virtually all of the spam I get comes
through this - crack - in the web.  But it is the potential for viruses and
worms via the attachments that are allowed here that are the real problem.
Leps-l is becoming a genuine risk - esp. to those with inadequate fire
walls.  There are other lepidopteron orientated lists that are much more
secure and spam has a much harder time finding a way to get through the
security.  I think more people are going to those lists partly for this

Leps-l also has no format or moderation, thus it has no focus.  This is why
it is frequent for several things to be complained about.  In other words
the smorgasbord is so wide that it is inevitable that in every thread X %
of the list will either have no interest in it and thus complain and
request it stop - or will be deleting half the posts unopened.  There is
irritation either way.  And because it is not focused (too broad) it is
very easy for arguments to develop between those in different factions.
Then there are the issues of post length and number of post from
individuals.   The list is geared to short posts (which lack topical depth)
due to many having limits on email accounts, slow hook ups, etc.; and even
though we are told when we subscribe that we can expect around 25 posts a
day that is considered very heavy traffic to many.  (I get about 50 to 100
emails every day).

All of the above is why more people are joining

1) limited access secure groups (like Yahoo!Groups) where attachments can
be blocked .

2) focused specific interest lists (regional groups like Carolina leps) or
brand name lists (NABA, TILS-leps-talk) that are geared to specific
interests: only watching, or collecting, or educational, only moths or
butterflies - and where people not only don't mind, but expect, to see
promotion of parent organization and its agenda and products.

3) groups with active moderation and owners (southwest leps, carolina

4) Yahoo lists where group members can set up an individual account with
real options from all emails, daily digests, to no email (messages are
accessed when you want to simply by going to a home page).

When leps-l started there was nothing else.  That is no longer the case.
There is no real substance here any more _compared_ to the other lists out
there.  One list I am on was started just last November and already has
almost 140 subscribers.  There is doubtless a sense of loyalty (and the
always accompanying resistance to change) among the old timers on this
list.  But leps-l is too nebulous and is becoming a spam hole and safety
risk.  Nothing can be done about any of this as it is the product (a) of
the nature (lack of format) of the list and (b) its mechanical set up.

Ron Gatrelle


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