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> Jim Taylor wrote:
> > Do all of you feel as gloomy as Ron re LEPS-L future?
> >
> > Jim Taylor
> good heavens, no. I have belonged to Leps-l since it was a wee thing
> infested with the same battlers that plague it now, and I am very fond
> of all of them. I would be so sorry if my friends drifted away, although
> I am a bit tired of cross-posts between TILS and Leps-L, for so many of
> us are subscribed to both, and those that are not, are that way on
> But I don't think I feel as gloomy as Ron about anything else, either.
> He likes to sit far out on the end of the limb, and bounce, bless his
> heart.

Anne, you have me figured out.   Speaking of out.  I was out all day
looking for new areas (and what species they held) in the northeast corner
of SC and southeast corner of NC.  Talk about depressing!!!   Wall to wall
vacation land.  It was unreal coming over the tall bridge over the
intracoastal waterway and seeing the entire length of barrier islands
covered with houses and condos.  Filled in marsh, next to no habitat at

I was looking forward to returning this evening to see what hornet's nest I
might have stirred up here by shaking the Leps-l tree from my position out
on the limb.   I am a little disappointed.  I expected more posts of.

hell no!
we won't go!

I enjoyed the few there were - and Anne, you did a good job of pointing out
the double cross that Yahoo did to all its groups in checking "yes" to "
send me spam"  behind our backs.  (Thanks to Doug Aguillard for tipping us
off before it was toooo late.)

A good challenge (or insult) is always good for rousing up the other team.
Now that the dust has settled (though disappointingly little was kicked up)
I had two objects in mind in my post.  The foremost was to provoke Leps-l
from leader to learner to proactive involvement and brain storming on how
to keep the group competitive and make some technical adjustment like
preventing attachments.  The other was to simply plug leps-talk.  I am a
firm believer that it is a poor frog that will not croak in (or about) its
own pond.  Which is why I expected more croaking from the true blue leps-l
core.   A person who does not believe in their own product is a poor

I am not gloomy about Leps-l or Lep. Soc.  I want them to be the best they
can be - and that will take continual vision toward the future, and work.

Ron Gatrelle

PS  I am sure that _before_ their NCAA championship game the Connecticut
women's team coach let them know that just because they were 38-0 that they
had not accomplished anything yet that they could rest their laurels on,
and that they had better not assume they would be 39-0 - and wouldn't be -
unless they did better on defense, shot and rebounded better - and hit free
throws.  Then, once they were focused, I am sure she told them they were
the best team and they could do it.   And they did!!!!


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