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Fri Apr 5 17:52:32 EST 2002

 I hope you have fun, and I will do my part to have good news on the
IBBA Tagging Program when you return.
Ed Reinertsen

Anne Kilmer wrote:

> Jim Taylor wrote:
> > Do all of you feel as gloomy as Ron re LEPS-L future?
> >
> > Jim Taylor
> good heavens, no. I have belonged to Leps-l since it was a wee thing
> infested with the same battlers that plague it now, and I am very fond
> of all of them. I would be so sorry if my friends drifted away, although
> I am a bit tired of cross-posts between TILS and Leps-L, for so many of
> us are subscribed to both, and those that are not, are that way on purpose.
> But I don't think I feel as gloomy as Ron about anything else, either.
> He likes to sit far out on the end of the limb, and bounce, bless his
> heart.
> It would be nice if Leps-l could be set to refuse attachments. A recent
> one tied up my computer for half an hour, and rather worried me. But
> many of my current spams were acquired from good-old TILS' list, when
> Yahoo decided to change everybody's preferences to
> SPAM-AT-WILL-THE-MORE-THE-MERRIER so if we're casting blame, hey, nobody
> is blameless.
> Many of my leps-L buddies have become close friends, and we are now
> engaged in a joyous conspiracy to restore the Miami Blue Butterfly:
> Butterflies for Peace, complete with t-shirts and tote bags with
> beautiful art ... and on Earth Day, we hope everybody in the world will
> be wearing a Butterflies for Peace shirt, or at least looking at
> butterflies with pleasure.
> http://www.risingdove.com/miamiblue/images.asp
> As for the Miami Blue Crew, most of the charter members are leps-l
> enthusiasts. We haven't been hogging the show, lately, but from time to
> time we wink and nudge each other ...
> I am about to depart on the Wind Surf for two weeks at sea, and will
> show up in Lisbon April 21 ... Dublin April 24 and will be back on line
> probably April 26. So I hope my email will be loaded with wonderful
> adventures and sightings when I return to it.
> I hope Mark Walker will have gone some more places, I hope Chris Durden
> will have agreed or disagreed with someone, and that the fur is flying
> happily; I want to hear more about IBBA's Monarch tagging program, and I
> hope they and Monarch Watch between them get every child in North
> America (I include Mexico and Canada, I do, I do) out gardening for
> butterflies and watching for Monarchs and Painted Ladies.
> I want to look at Royce Bitzer's map and see how far north the Painted
> Ladies have gone, and I'm hoping we get the rest of the world done, too.
> I'm hoping more of us tell Colin about their Painted Ladies; there
> should surely be quite a few of them flying by now.
> I will be carrying my Miami Blue Crew tote bag prominently on deck, and
> will stroll around Lisbon carrying it, so if you're looking for me,
> that's how you'll find me.
> Ron's TILS list is delightful, and people feel free to prattle on about
> minutiae of nomenclature, or to rant about the unfairness of people who
> fail to perceive the excellence and necessity of collecting, and folks
> complain quite a bit about the dumbing down of lepidoptery, and do not
> spare the long hard words where appropriate, and many of my best friends
> hang out there, and it's a great, great clubhouse.
> but it doesn't replace Leps-L, nor do I want it to.
> I am about to change my preferences on the British lep thingie, and read
> their messages, which I don't do when I'm not in Ireland, because I
> don't do moths. And it stirs up my nostalgia too much.
> I'll hang up Bob Parcelle's excellent Naturepotpourri, which he can
> often spell right, now, and maybe catch up on it later. But I'm leaving
> leps L to pile up in my mail box, because that's where I'll be wanting
> to look first.
> Gloomy? Heck no. Just a spell of spring fever.
> And lay off the cross postings, gang.
> Now go find some Miami Blue Butterflies for me, so I can go off with a
> feeling of happy completion.
> Thanks
> Anne Kilmer
> Viceroy
> Butterfly Coalition
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