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Sun Apr 7 09:46:44 EDT 2002

Hi all
Where can people send seeds to help?
Ed Reinertsen

Anne Kilmer wrote:

> I apologize for cross-posting, but I wanted to give the TILS guys an
> extra hug.
> I'm packed, I'm gone, it's been a wild ride, y'all can do it ...
> I'm hoping that Jose Muniz will pick up the slack and get this thing
> moving, with help from all of you. I'll help again; by May first I
> should be useful once more.
> It looks as if Bob Parcelles has the legal part worked out. Time for
> everybody to hop on board and get going. Make sure you have your orders
> first; this is not a time for imaginative helpfulness. We have a plan
> and we follow orders. Nobody messes with Miami Blues without approval
> from the Science Gang, for instance. That would be John Calhoun.
> Jan Everett has great plans for butterfly garden contests, a hearty
> development of the school butterfly garden program. That's wonderful
> and, if they pick it up in Miami/Dade, that will take care of our little
> blues. (That's if they follow out the plan as envisioned, of course, God
> willing and the crick don't rise.)
> Thank you all for your patience, for dropping whatever you were doing
> because I had an idea, for explaining to me things that any
> five-year-old taxonomist would know.
> Now ... the big push is for Earth Day.
> We have a design that makes a great banner, as well as a tote bag or
> t-shirt. Go get it (send Miriam a dollar) and get one made, and wear it
> for Earth Day, or make your own Butterflies for Peace banner, but spread
> the word ... the butterflies carry a promise of peace and renewal in a
> world tired of war.
> They also, many of them, bear messages from one group of scientists to
> another. So we'll all be out looking, the scientists and the poets, and
> as we make our world into a nicer place to be a butterfly in, I believe
> we'll find we like it better, too.
> That's our page.
> Meanwhile, I hope everybody who can is planting a garden for wildlife,
> and if it includes the Miami Blue's host plants, bless your heart.
> Cheers
> Anne Kilmer
> Viceroy
> Butterfly Coalition
> Ringleader
> Miami Blue Crew
> Task Force Director
> Miami Blue Butterfly Restoration Project
> Singing Off
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