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Pierre A Plauzoles sphinxangelorum at
Sun Apr 7 12:04:08 EDT 2002

D Marven wrote:

> Hi Guys & Gals
>               Could anybody point me in the direction of a website that
> would show pictures of the cocoons of both Hyalophora euryalus and
> Antheraea polyphemus.

Hyalophora euryalus spins a silken cocoon which it then lines with an inner
shell which hardens.  As I understand it, the pupa is suspended within that
shell.  The pupa is then theoretically protected from predation -- mice
(and probably other rodents as well) just chew right through.  The cocoon
is shaped like very fat teardrop about two inches long and 1 1/2 inches in

I hope this helps.

Pierre A Plauzoles
sphinxangelorum at


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