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Jim wrote:

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> Do all of you feel as gloomy as Ron re LEPS-L future?

I knew this would happen just as soon as people started talking about going
off and starting their own discussion groups.

Ron is correct that the substance has waned, but I don't think it has so
much to do with security, spam, broad content, or even feuding - I think it
has to do with all of us trying to manage so many emails coming in from so
many sources.

I don't wish to see LEPS-L fade away - perhaps because I am old school - but
also because I don't look forward to the day when this sort of thing could
cost money.  I like the fact that this is operated through academia and not
hosted by Yahoo, which is a service provider that depends on dollars through

I really don't know how much longer I'll be enjoying this anyway - computers
are beginning to bore the crap out of me (which is troublesome, seeing as
they are my livelihood).  Soon enough I will probably go back to lepping
within a vacuum, where the only interaction I get from colleagues will be
the occasional hook up in the field.


Mark Walker



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