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Niklas Wahlberg Niklas.Wahlberg at zoologi.su.se
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Some time ago the thread below popped up. Unfortunately I was away at that 
time, so my reply comes only now. What can I tell you? not much I'm afraid. 
I've sequenced the COI gene for the three individuals pictured on my 
website and the results are ambiguous. Actually the two European 
individuals are more different to each other than either is to the American 
individual! What this tells me is that there is potentially a lot of 
interesting variation in Vanessa atalanta (amiraali) that needs to be 
documented, especially since it's so widespread. Ditto with Vanessa cardui 
(ohdakeperhonen). And that is what I intend to do. I have a bunch of 
specimens from Europe that are waiting to be sequenced, but I only have the 
one individual from North America. As always, anybody with a net >;-) who 
wants to help, I'll be happy to receive stuff to be sequenced.


At 23:58 29.03.2002 +0000, Neil Jones wrote:
>On Friday 29 March 2002 09:22 pm, Guy Van de Poel & A. Kalus wrote:
> > Niklas, have you read this ?
> >
> > Guy.
>Of course. Niklas's work on molecular phylogeny.
>Actually it seems that he has already sampled both US and European
>Is there anything you can tell us, Niklas?
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