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Neil Jones neil at nwjones.demon.co.uk
Tue Apr 9 11:01:00 EDT 2002

On Tuesday 09 April 2002 03:22 pm, Niklas Wahlberg wrote:
> Some time ago the thread below popped up. Unfortunately I was away at that
> time, so my reply comes only now. What can I tell you? not much I'm afraid.
> I've sequenced the COI gene for the three individuals pictured on my
> website and the results are ambiguous. Actually the two European
> individuals are more different to each other than either is to the American
> individual! What this tells me is that there is potentially a lot of
> interesting variation in Vanessa atalanta (amiraali) that needs to be
> documented, especially since it's so widespread. Ditto with Vanessa cardui
> (ohdakeperhonen). And that is what I intend to do. I have a bunch of
> specimens from Europe that are waiting to be sequenced, but I only have the
> one individual from North America. As always, anybody with a net >;-) who
> wants to help, I'll be happy to receive stuff to be sequenced.
> Cheers,
> Niklas

Thanks for giving us this Niklas. It is fascinating. I find your work really 
interesting. It is very interesting to know that there could be a lot of 
variation in such a  widespread  and mobile species.

I am just a little unclear of what we can all do for you. Do you still need 
specimens of  cardui from Europe?

I think you mean you only have one N. American atalanta. Do you need
American cardui as well?

I think there is an opportunity for people on this list to help with this 
research here.  From what I have seen on Niklas's website the specimens
can be quite battered. They don't need to be pristine.
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